Sunday, 22 August 2010

How to put on a Royal Navy Neck Entry Suit:-

A classic clip from the Generation Game I found whilst cleaning my computer late last night. Wish I could get in and out has quick with my suit!

It has to be the hardest suit to get into but boy, is it great when inside. only problem is taking it off can be a struggle! I've owned this suit for around 8 years and it this time only worn it a hand full of times due to that fact.

I have 3 Royal Navy dry suits in my collection this one, an old knackered one which I call 'Old Faithful' and the one I presently use for diving in. There's nothing like diving in a supple rubber dry suit (Avon, Nokia, Gates - Hunter, Viking and Aquila) and a heavy dive mask in my opinion.

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  1. Sorry, I have to ask. In that episode of the generation game, was it a british army lieutenant colonel that judged the contestants on putting on the dry suits?